Start Seeing Exactly What Your Users Do

With almost everything done at our end, we were finally getting visitors & happy. Though signups had increased, the subscriptions were not growing.

Till now we had been focusing on getting potential customers to the website, confident that the website will convert them easily. Though the website did do the trick and the signups increased, but the money was missing.

We started talking to the customers who signed up to understand what was going wrong. We did get random hints from the conversations, but nothing strong enough to tweak the UI.

All we could surmise was, the signups were not comfortable enough to subscribe.

We really did not want to modify the UI based on the guesses, simply for the lack of resources. Remember, we are a cockroach startup. =)

During our random reading on the internet, we got to know about this super analytical tool.


We did a little research on this and were convinced to integrate this into our web-site. A simple signup gives access to an easy-to-use dashboard. We copy-pasted the javascript code into our script & it’s done. We are ready to learn more about our users’ behavior after they log-in.

It tracks even the mouse movements, which was of utmost importance.

Watch individual visitors use your site as if you’re looking over their shoulders.

We soon realized the tweak, we needed to do. Our UI before subscribing was filled with links to subscribe & screenshots, which is not really what the customers want. The mouse movements showed eagerness of the customers.

We did not show any information unless the customers subscribed.

We changed that.

Keeping the key data under wraps, we showed the whole directory to the sign-ups. This small change increased activity. The customers viewed more pages and in-process became more accustomed to the UI. They were comfortable since they now knew what they are getting if they subscribe.

As an added benefit, the queries from sign-ups also reduced, because of the transparency.

Our subscriptions have now increased considerably.

Let us know about your experience with this tool.


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