4 Places to Work if You Want Better Productivity

Freelancing can spare you from commuting woes as you get to choose where to work. Sometimes, however, finding a good place where you can actually get work done can be challenging. A distracting place can mean lost productivity for a freelancer.

If you’re a freelancer and have been looking around for potential workspaces, we have some suggestions for you.

In the comfort of your home

As a freelancer, you can, of course, always choose to work at home. In fact, some people leave their full-time office jobs and get to freelancing so they can enjoy working comfortably at home.

Who wouldn’t want to have that luxury? You don’t need to commute to get to work. Food is always available. You can set up your own comfortable workspace and make your own rules. You get to spend more time with the family. And ultimately, you save money from not having to spend that much on transportation and food.

But working at home might not work for you if you would get easily distracted by your bed, your pet, TV, food, and even your family. If your home is also not serene enough for thinking and client calls, you might want to consider working in other places. Read on.

Quiet libraries or cozy bookstores

If you’re more productive in a quiet environment, you can try working at libraries. National and local libraries are open to anyone and do not require much to gain access. You can also consider working in your college library if you still have access.

Libraries often have free Wi-Fi connection. And if you’re running out of ideas, you can easily grab any book from a shelf and read on for inspiration. Food, however, is not allowed. So if you’re a snacker and if silence bores you, a library might not be a good workplace for you.

If you like the library feel minus the stiffness and silence, you can try working at a bookstore. Some bookstores have cozy reading nooks and even small coffee corners where you can actually work.

Coffee shops and their pleasant vibe

Great ambience plus favorite coffee drink never fail to create the perfect workspace for many freelancers. Most coffee shops have unique interiors and cozy pieces of furniture that seem to repel stress.

Wi-Fi is also readily available. And if you want company, you can work together with your friends or fellow freelancers. No one would mind if you guys get a little noisy as you are technically in a hangout place.

But you might want to mind the cost if you plan to work at a coffee shop on a regular basis. Remember that you have to make a purchase each time you visit. Also, some shops can get crowded and too noisy, making it almost impossible for you to get some work done.

Artistic coworking spaces

Coworking is like working in a typical office set-up except the workers are not under a single organization. It is a popular working style to freelancers, startups and some professionals who are working remotely.

What’s great about coworking spaces is you can meet fellow freelancers to expand your network. These offices are also complete with office essentials like coffee, water, Wi-Fi connection, and even meeting rooms for when you need to meet your clients’ face to face.

Coworking space providers are making it a point to equip these places with necessary office amenities, furniture, technology and even artistic interior design to make them great workplaces for independent workers like you. A lot of coworking spaces are also wallet-friendly.

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